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Casting Service

Aeshlie Wheeler

Casting Director


General Enquiries/ Talent Detail Update

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I’m an actor and looking for an agent, can you represent me and find me work as an actor?

No we can not. What you are looking for is actor representation. You can find a list of agents on the Media Entertainment and and Arts Alliance.

TAS CASTING do have a performer registration service due to the majority of Tasmanian performers being freelance. We also welcome represented talent to register for the service providing us with their agents details.

What is the difference between an agent and a casting director?

Simply put a Casting Director works for the Screen content creators and the Agent works for the Actor.

Casting Directors are contracted by the screen industries, Producers, Production Companies, Networks and Advertising Agencies, to provide a casting service for their screen projects. 


Actor's Agent seeks employment opportunities and negotiates contracts on an Actor's behalf. For this they receive a commission percentage based on the  Actor's fee.

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