Performer Registration

We are always excited to learn of Tasmanians interested in Acting or Extra work.

 Register here with your contact information, experience and photo so we can submit and contact you if/when relevant casting opportunities arise . 

Please note there is a one time administration Fee of $33 per person. This includes all updates of your Information/Photos/Media that you wish to provide in the future.

* TAS CASTING are not a Talent Agent, do not take commission, do not supply individual talent representation nor do they seek or guarantee work for individuals.  

* TAS CASTING are purely a casting service that is required to maintain a database due to due to the majority of talent in Tasmania being Unrepresented / Freelance.

* If you have an Agent TAS CASTING will always contact them pertaining to any auditions/ opportunities.

* TAS CASTING will not share any information with outside parties unless pertaining to a confirmed opportunity.

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