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TAS CASTING began when two old friends met for a coffee at just the right moment….

Aeshlie Wheeler, Operations Manager and Casting Director accepted a coffee date and was presented with an idea she could not refuse. 


Tas Casting then formally took over the established Jane Binning Casting agency. Thus began the sleepless nights to ensure TAS CASTING became a stable force in the Tasmanian screen industry. 

The stage was set for a successful transition as Janes previous work included Kettering Incident, Rosehaven, The Nightingale , The Hunter and many more.


Aeshlie Wheeler, Operations Manager and Casting Director, comes to TAS CASTING with over 15 years experience in talent management, production and casting within Tasmania.

TCA-Lisa and Aeshlie-0741-2_edited.jpg

Aeshlie Wheeler

Operations Manager

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